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Haskell Beginners

Using Hugs:

Learning Haskell:

Haskell Programmers

Using the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC)

As soon as you develop some real applications, you'll need the speed of a compiled executable. For Haskell the currently fastest compiler is the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC). Furthermore, GHC also supports various extensions to the Haskell language and features an integrated debugger. It will likely be the first Haskell compiler to support the next version of Haskell codenamed Haskell'.

Do not reinvent the wheel - Know the libraries

There exists a fast growing repository of Haskell libraries that will serve you very well during your daily programming excursions. They are all developed colaboratively on Hackage go and check them out. A few that you should definitively have a look at are:

Cool Applications - Haskell in "The Real World"

For a long time, Haskell and other functional languages like OCaml or
SML have been a research only programming languages. However this is no longer the case: There are companies like Galois Inc., Bluespec,
Credit Suisse and quite a few more that are using functional languages like Haskell to solve their real world problems. In the near future there will also be the book
"Real World Haskell" (online preprint) explaining how to do this best.

Furthermore, there are also a number of exciting open-source project being developed using Haskell. Most notably there are:

All of these projects are open for contributions, not to forget that there surely are
plenty of ideas you have that could possibly be realised using Haskell...

Haskell Community: Blogs & Facts

Haskell has attracted a very active and friendly community. They use the following communication channels

Some interesting blogs (posts) are:

Haskell Experts

There is a lot of active research going on with respect to functional languages and more correct and more productive programming in general. A very good starting point to delve into these topics is Oleg Kiselyov's homepage. For a starting point with respect to the implementation of functional languages see Simon Peyton Jones homepage. A few topics you might want to investigate


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